As an experienced attorney I thought I had the "knowledge" I needed. BUT, learning from Greg was more than book smarts. It was people and relationships smart. It was me getting out of my rut of working long hours and never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. For me, it was priceless. The education I got gave me the confidence and knowledge to build my business safely and quickly.

Cindy Stormer Texas Attorney

1 on 1 mentoring from Coach Gregory is like drinking out of a fire hydrant. So much that it knocked me off the fence and into action. My wife and I are very excited. Though we have a great deal to learn. Coach is there to help show the way.

Ron and Jean - Florida Full Time Entrepreneurs

Coach Gregory didn't just teach me to make some money. He showed me how to move through fear and build a life I'm happy to live. I am proud to call Greg my business mentor and coach.

Mia Phillips - Texas Attorney

“Being in Greg’s class changed everything for me. Financial education had never been a part of my life. All I could think about was how many losses I suffered from my lack of financial literacy. I now know with the proper financial education and the right support, I can make more money as an entrepreneur than I ever dreamed of as an athlete. Not only can I now make the money, through asset protection I know how to protect it.”

Ricky Williams NFL PRO Bowl MVP

I’m Haroula and I met you several years ago on a Delta flight - you were supposed to be sitting in first class but instead ended up sitting next to me. I just wanted to say thanks again for all you did to make it possible to see my son with your miles. It took a heavy financial burden off me as I was working 2 jobs as well. My son ended up moving back with me, graduated high school and is now studying scripture. He’s has been to a lot of places overseas in the last year as he is helping the refugees and orphans. He is a Christian missionary and is such an awesome humbled person. I just wanted to tell you again how you were my angel and I often tell people of how a stranger (you) helped me out by listening and extending such a generous gift. I appreciated everything you did I hope life is treating you well. Much love my “Delta” friend.

Haroula Henney