It can be hard and costly to navigate the products and services that can help you generate passive income. It takes time that you probably don’t have. That’s why our family has spent a lot of hours and energy gathering and testing this list so that you don’t have to. You don’t have to learn from the school of hard knocks…We’ve got you covered - to build safely and quickly!

Selfishly, I’m excited to get you the support tools - Consults - and webinars you need for success because I know that when you win our coaching and consulting program will also win.

I know it seems crazy that I hound you with emails and I make myself available at Facebook to answer questions and support ALL Entrepreneurs aspiring to create a Legacy of Financial abundance. But, I do it all because it isn’t crazy - to want you to win. Why? Because in America we believe that when one wins everybody wins.

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We’ve all been programed to work hard - get a “good” job and someday it will be our turn. YOU NEED A NEW PROGRAM! 

1st “YOU MUST” insert a new brain program

2nd That will create Motivation and jumpstart your success

3rd “YOU MUST” build systems and processes you duplicate - gather the tools - gather your power team — because that builds wealth to stand the test of time.

Our students are part of our Legacy family — AND we’ve got your back! 

FREE Student Support Webinars are designed to reprogram your thinking ++ gain and apply real knowledge, about real markets.

That is why we want you to join Coach Gregory and Toniraye at our FREE hands on interactive webinars. Gregory, and mom (Toniraye) cover and expand upon the very lessons we teach you at the live 3 day events. Yes, our live classes ignite and propel you to take action. However, many students tell us that they need ongoing support to build their business both safely and quickly.

In addition, you cannot retain every piece of information we jam pack in the 3 day.

This is your chance to put all the information into perspective and move forward with action.

FREE 9 Tool Bundle

The Secret Sauce Every Master Investor MUST HAVE

This FREE package of tools allows you to set in place systems and processes that you can duplicate over and over again as you move toward success.

  • Building Your Investor Database
  • Seller Scripts and Questionnaires
  • FSBO Scripts
  • Mobile Home FSBO Questionnaire
  • What You Need To Know When Talking To Buyers + Buyer Script
  • Lease and Rental Questionnaire
  • Bird Dog Script
  • + More

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As I traveled across this country training students, several things began to hit me:

  • That the undeniable difference between meeting your goals and moving to the next level of your life versus spending the rest of your life trying to break the chains of old ways “to do” things is that when VIP Entrepreneurs have an opportunity, they act immediately.
  • And that though my students were desperately trying to succeed - a big company’s curriculum couldn’t fit the unique skills and needs of students.
  • And that though my students were desperately trying to succeed - a big company’s curriculum couldn’t fit the unique skills and needs of students.

As I traveled across this country training students, several things began to hit me:

The Legacy Automation Network - VIP Student Learning Center

The Legacy Network is a library of video training and content to keep you on tract as you are learning. Maybe you remember something we taught you but “get real” learning and growing your new business is like drinking from a fire hose.

  • You need to reset your mindset?
  • You need to remember details of a previously learning session?
  • You want to watch the Mobile Home Strategy?
  • You need to do an Assignment of Contract?
  • You need to remember what we already taught you?
  • You need an E-Book?
  • You need a video resource?

Legacy Unleashed Mentor Series - One on One Mentor Designed Around You

The Legacy Unleashed 1 on 1 Mentoring Series - Is a comprehensive program that teaches wealth building that will stand the test of time. You create wealth and acquire knowledge that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

This success track moves you from Potential to Powerful Results.

This give you support as you complete your 1st profitable investment and move your business to your personal next level of success.

The Driving Force of the coaching and in the field work of this program:

  • Moves you from POTENTIAL to SHARP FOCUS
  • The real world is your classroom and we will be working with you 1 ON 1 — IN YOUR INVESTMENT MARKET.

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VIP Real Estate Software

It used to be that only licensed real estate agents had access to the information now available in our software.


  • Nationwide Pre-Foreclosure Listings,
  • Updated Daily* REO Properties*
  • Detailed Information on Any Property in the United States (Search Properties by Address)* Search, Save, and
  • Analyze Property COMPS*
  • Search for Cash Buyers and Properties Owned "Free and Clear"*
  • Interactive Mapping and Satellite Imagery
  • Comprehensive Property Analysis Wizard
  • Automatically Generated Cash Flow and
  • Analysis Reports Dynamic
  • Mortgage Reduction Calculator with Reporting.

Premium Valuation Reports and Document Images

  • Analyze Mortgage Notes to Purchase, Sell, or Broker Contact Manager with Appointment Scheduler
  • Tenant and Rent Tracker Pre-Populated
  • Homeowner Engagement Letters
  • Client Financial Tracker Mortgage and Home Affordability Calculators
  • Dynamic Contract Generator *Access to this information is subject to maintaining a valid data subscription.

Asset Protection Tool Kit

Leaders Map Their Future and Control Their Destinies

Asset Protection serves several functions:

  • It’s not how much you make it’s how much you get to keep
  • Set up your business properly for your market area and local laws
  • Let’s not work to build our business and then have a circumstance not of your doing take it all from you

Reading Tools Unleashed

The middle class has been programmed to think differently than the wealthy... about risk, decisions involving risk, and expectations for their future. As a society we've been programmed from a very young age to go to school, get a job, work hard, and settle for a mediocre retirement. With 65% of our college graduates moving back home after obtaining their education and saddled with student loan debts exceeding $1 Trillion, we all know that system is broken!

 Entrepreneurship is not reserved for the elite few!

Anyone Can learn the skills necessary to build wealth.


How to be FREE of destructive debt

What it takes to earn an extra #10,000 per month or per year

What needs to be done, one family at a time, to take control of the country’s current economic crises.