May 29, 2020

magic hat trick

Some of you think you are magicians doing a magic hat trick.  However, if one day you tend to pull a rabbit out of your hat but the next day an alligator jumps out – a fact you need to be aware of is that you are not the best magician in the world.

On the other hand, if you aren’t committed to something there’s no need to worry about the obstacles you might face inside your magic hat.  Afterall, there aren’t many obstacles to fight from your living room couch with the remote control in your hand. If depression is your intended goal (the prize rabbit you are pursuing) forget all about alligators and obstacles, just grab the TV remote and your favorite mood altering beverage/substance, plant your behind on the sofa, and depression will soon miraculously manifest.

However, when we want to move past the ordinary (same old same old) drift of life, it is pretty much a guarantee that you are going to have some major and/or minor obstacles hitting you smack dab in the head.  Both the miracle rabbit and the scary alligator tend to happen when you are playing full on in the game of your life.

This whole obstacle blog occurred to me during a sermon at church — I tend to teach what I need to learn (LOL).  I’m going to paraphrase the church lesson so it fits our business model. But, I can tell you his exact words seemed to me, to be a profound statement about life in general.

Here’s the gist of what the pastor was teaching, “The most difficult obstacles you have to face and fight are the ones you encounter when you are planting the seeds of success. When we get to the harvest part of the season we’ve already killed or overcome those big obstacles and hurdles that try to stop us in our tracks.
There’s a logical process here:
(1) decide you want a big beautiful garden.

(2) plant some seeds where they have a chance to be around nourishment and encouragement so they have a chance to grow.
(3) Next obstacles appear that could stunt the growth or stop your seeds from growing. Don’t let the elements like droughts, weeds, or what didn’t work stop you from continuing to nurture these little seeds you planted BECAUSE GUESS WHAT’S NEXT!!
(4) the fruits of all your labor is ready — and you have a big harvest feast to enjoy.

Are you going to stumble, get discouraged, and quit just because the first negotiated offer fell through? Are you quiting because you got overwhelmed at your 1st software attempt or online class? Are you blaming your mentor because he/she hurt your feelings when in fact you didn’t complete directions about getting a power team set up first? Is your excuse that your husband/wife says it won’t work?  AND don’t hear me saying to do it if they aren’t onboard with your business plan.  I didn’t say that.  What I want you to look at is Who are you such that you aren’t building a relationship where your spouse or business partner doesn’t want to support you.  Don’t you quit because of lack of support. FIX the real cause of why your relationships aren’t supporting you then get the support you need and keep nourishing the seeds you planted in your soon to be beautiful garden.

Now that we have dissected the seed planting and harvest sequence let’s talk about some of the potential obstacles you might encounter as you strive to build your personal relationships and your business success. If we know what we might encounter along the way, we can put a plan in place to greatly increase our chance of defeating the obstacle so that we keep moving toward our goals and dreams.

(A)  Decide right now that how you feel at any way point of the race, is not going to determine the path you choose or the actions you take.  Warm fuzzy feelings will certainly give you the jump start you need to move toward success but “the fuzzies” won’t get you through the up and down circumstances of life.  If you take action based on feelings and circumstances expect erratic results...One day a rabbit appears and the next an alligator takes you out.   RULE ONE = I will take action based on my commitment to the prize that I declare is important to my life.  Always in all ways Commitment drives my way of being and my actions.

(B)  Be aware of what your particular monsters/obstacles are.  We each have our own brand of monster. Mine might be a loud, brash, arrogance, and over confidence designed  to mask my “not good enough” insecurities. Yours might be a shy, timid, lack of confidence to mask your “not good enough” insecurities. I can’t tell you what your unique monster (alligator) brand is but I can tell you a few big obstacles every person reaching for the prize will encounter:

Hurdle 1:   Nay Sayers –  The answer to this monster is don’t hang out with these people  —  or at least surround yourself with an army of encouragement and support teams in counter balance

Hurdle 2:   Playing the game the same old way but tricking yourself into believing you are doing things differently.  In reality you haven’t matured or changed much — The answer to this is get a grip and grow up. Here’s a BIG CLUE when I think “I Know” is often when I need support the most.  There is no new learning out of what I already know. You have to get to the empty spaces of “I don’t know” because most answers come from nothing. Ok I admit this is too deep for a simple blog post….but I am asking you to be in the question — the question might be as important as knowing the answer.

Hurdle 3:   Celebrating short term success too long  (complaceny) = The anwer here is move forward and take new ground

Hurdle 4:   Celebrating past failure too long   (no sense to try I’ll only mess things up) = The answer here is get over yourself — focus on contribution

Hurdle 5:  The illusion of time  The answer = be aware that in the game of life, what isn’t is more important than what is.  If you don’t believe me take a deep breath. Now hold that breath. No don’t take another breath. Isn’t the next breath more important than the last one you took?
Become aware — as you take a new breath —-  realize you don’t know how many breathes you have left.

Hurdle 6:  The illusion that my circumstances are “THE TRUTH” of who I am and what I can accomplish = The answer here is faith

Hurdle 7:   The “who do I think I am” conversation in your head — I can’t tell you what your answer to this head conversation is.  The answer that fits me is that I am a child of God. I want you to find a good answer that will work for your life as you build your business AND your relationships AND your overall total life success.


P.S. There are bushels more I have a burning desire to tell you in this blog — BUT it’s already to long for a blog — so stay tuned.

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