January 16, 2020

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Dear Students ~ You’ve probably been told you should wait for spring or summer to buy – sell – flip – wholesale that house. The dabblers say, that's when there’s a bigger pool of buyers, and your landscaping and foliage are in top condition, right? 

Whoa, wait just a minute!

There are actually some compelling reasons to get the deal done right now!
YEP, Right Now In The Middle Of Winter

Here’s a look at ways selling in the dabbler off-season can work in the professional investors favor:

#1 Reason Above All Other Circumstances and Reasons      It's 2020 You'd Better Boogie

#2 Less Competition - While all the dabblers sit at home with the remote control, you will find MOTIVATED SELLERS eager to get the deal done. You bought the house, you've fixed it up and are ready to sell. Since there is typically lower inventory in Winter. The basic economics of supply and demand now work for you, the professional real estate investor ready to sell. When there are a ton of properties for sale, buyers will be picky even when the house is great. But in the middle of winter with fewer options on the market and with your quick turn now in good condition, it suddenly gains an edge it may not have in the summer. The time for action is NOW!

#3 Serious Buyers Are Out There Looking - People who are buying in the off-season are not your typical summertime browsers. These buyers are often more serious and motivated to make a move — and do it quickly. Maybe they had a sudden career or lifestyle change. Whatever it is, they typically need a new home now. If yours is ready and waiting, it can have added appeal.

#4 Stress-Free Summers - To our students I say, let's pick a flip where we work inside to do winter fix'n up. Have it all ready to sell before summer begins. Who wants to spend all summer packing and planning a move? Some buyers want to move before the school year ends to have summer free for travel and relaxation. When you get this house flipped during winter, it’s smooth sailing for summer fun.

This Is A Thank God For Mom Post Blessings and Prayers - Toniraye

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