Creating A Generational Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Wealth

It has never been enough for Gregory Downing to build wealth, become a millionaire and help his family through financial turmoil due to unexpected tragedy or illness; his vision has always been to do whatever it takes to bring his family along and teach them what he’s learned. His vision has been to take a stand and create a business that would teach others, as well as his own children and the children in generations to come, how to create a generational legacy of entrepreneurship and wealth.

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With what I learned when Gregory Downing was teaching took me to the next level. Now I own apartment buildings. With the right knowledge anyone can be successful.



I've always heard a chain is the weakest link by wear it breaks but I've changed my mindset and I know to break the chains to be powerful.



I went in skeptical, came out with an outlook on the future that I have not had in a very long time. The 3-day class was intense as well as intensive! The information was such that I knew I had to go back to "school" - and have a mentor that will be with me every step of the way. Thank you for your candidness as well as your inspiration of helping others. See you at the top!


Coach Gregory, thank you for all the knowledge you have given to me and my family! I know that we will reach all of our goals and dreams with you on our side! You and your whole family are absolutely wonderful and we are so blessed to have you in our lives! The coaching program gave us the courage to follow through and get our very first deal done and with a profit. Thank you


Thank you coach Gregory for giving me and my family the financial education we need in order to achieve our dreams and for changing our lives!! Our entire family got involved and we love working the business and creating success together.


Gregory Downing is a force of nature and national treasure, a rare entrepreneur who adheres to my mantra of "make things better. " He is a genius who shares his knowledge for days on end at motivational conferences without using a single note. He presents tested methods for wealth accumulation.  You will love his books Entrepreneur Unleashed and the Universal Laws Unleashed which continues in that same vein. There are many books professing knowledge of make money.  This one give step-by-step instructions on how to really accomplish that in a manner that helps everyone involved (including our national welfare and economy). I learned more about making money by reading this book than I did in law school or 30 years of law practice.


I was totally blown away... As the owner of a successful but struggling enterprise, I attended the course to learn some secrets about how to run my business better. I was looking for some gold nuggets that would help me move my company to the next level. Coach Gregory put out so much valuable information so quickly that I was wishing I could have recorded him!!! Of immediate value to me were his lessons on asset protection, his live demonstration of cutting edge technology and how to use it, his strategies for turning tragedies into high integrity win-win real estate deals. The experience of seeing a man who deeply loves his family invest his time, talent and treasure into building a family legacy was truly inspirational -- and I am deeply, deeply, deeply grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from him.

VA - Virginia

My wife and I attended a 3 day event in NYC with Greg Downing a few years ago. We were blown away by amount of material he covered and by his unbelievable wealth of knowledge. This event jump started my real estate investing career. Since then I have purchased over 250 residential units including 9 single family homes and 3 apartment complexes valued at over $7.4 million dollars. I am teaching my children all the tools I've learned from Coach and along this incredible journey. I am now planning to attend his class with my 17 year old daughter, as I want her to experience it firsthand. I highly recommend attending Greg's class; you will not regret it!

New York

I spent a weekend learning from Greg a year and a half ago. He inspired me to take action and make a change in my life. Since that training with Greg, I've turned my "self-employed" business into a "business owner" business and have grown my real estate holdings to 5 rental properties and have completed several flips on properties. I've been able to pursue some passions of mine and am building long-term wealth that will allow me to spend more time with family in years to come.


I can't thank Greg enough for all of his help and his powerful and positive influence. Taking these classes with him has by far been the very best financial and time investment I have ever made. He genuinely cares about his students and does everything in his power to be of service to them.