Give Yourself the Permission to Succeed

Get the tools you need to create an extraordinary future and a lasting legacy. Our success store has entreprenuer training books, mentoring and consulting programs and much more for leadership and character development to help you on your journey from potential to results.


This Is The Foundation You Need To Build Wealth To Stand The Test Of Time
The Legacy Unleashed Essentials Workshop with Coach Gregory gives you the tools professional investors need to build wealth to stand the test of time. We will cover all 3 types of income and how to use each income stream to produce maximum results for your business goals.
Tools of A Pro - Software
The tools Real Estate Investors need to analyze, research, and invest in the United States Marketplace
In today's world asset protection is no longer optional
Asset Protection Tools For Entrepreneurs - Complete DVD Instructional Library! In today's world asset protection is no longer optional. In addition to the home-study program, your Asset Protection Kit also includes:
Personal One on One Coaching with Gregory Downing and Toniraye
This personal consulting program is unique to your personal, spiritual, career, and business needs. We will work with you to move from potential to powerful results.
Work Teams and Family Teams Unleashed
This Personal Development Course creates team cohesion and goal focus for team success Whether CEO of a large Entrepreneur Organization or a parent with teenagers and/or millennials -- ask yourself, "Do I wish I could get more cooperation from my team.? If you answered yes this course if for you and your team! This 3 day workshop is designed to bring work teams and family teams into vision, alignment, and focused execution of what the team unit says is important for satisfaction and success.
Preparing Today's Kids For Tomorrow's Success
Family and Teen Consulting for personal development and teen financial literacy
30 day Personal Development Mentoring with Toniraye for $595
In this 30 day mentor program, you will use the power of our unique Results Mapping™ system to create the exact results you are committed to achieving in all areas of life that are important to you: career, finance, family, personal relationships, spiritual areas of contribution and health.
90 day Mentor Program with Toniraye Freeman for $1,995
This 90 day overdrive program takes advantage of the space of awareness and new possibility that is opened by the Potential to Results Mentor Program. You will form new positive attitudes and take on and accomplish new extraordinary results with the help of Toniraye guiding you every step of the way.
Teams Working Together
Individual and Team Comparison Assessments
Credit Should Be The Least of Your Worries
As an Entrepreneur you are busy building your business -- Building your credit should be the least of your worries. Credit Unleashed is a service which supports you in building your credit scores to your maximum potential.
Launch Your Own Credit Business
Start small or Launch Your Credit Business BIG! Call our office to see how your business goals might fit with starting your own credit business. With this program you can earn money simply by helping other improve their credit scores. Call 866-991-1974 or visit us at
A book by Gregory Downing for $19.79
Discover what it takes to become an entrepreneur, to build wealth and to do these things alongside the people you love and care most about. In Entrepreneur Unleashed, Gregory Downing outlines the steps that must be taken to create businesses in a low-risk, highly successful way.
A book by Gregory Downing for $8.96
In The Universal Laws Unleashed, Gregory Downing reveals that highly successful entrepreneurs live by a belief and action system not taught in school. In this book---a companion guide to his Entrepreneur Unleashed book---he breaks the millionaire code down into incredibly powerful “building blocks” that you can integrate into your life.
An audio CD by Gregory Downing for $39.95
The Universal Laws CD centers on entrepreneurship and wealth, it will help you master the success habits that will serve you well in any life area – leadership, parenting, personal development, and more. Armed with these practical skills and the mental and spiritual “building blocks” needed to execute them, anyone can live the life of their dreams.
Book by Toniraye for $19.95
To live the life of your dreams you have to escape from the land of was, where "what if" doesn't exist. This book has the escape plan to help you do just that.