As many of you know, I lost many of my material possessions due to a recent hurricane.  While cleaning house, I found that some of the things we hold onto aren’t really valuable at all, but they are still possessions that we have a difficult time eliminating.  It takes something catastrophic to convince us it’s time to do some house cleaning.

Most of the entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting speak of the visions of their heart…more time to spend with family and friends, the ability to manage their own schedule, the opportunity to make a difference, and  philanthropy are almost always at the top of the list. The goals are almost always the same and almost always include the ability to help people. No one has ever said to me, “I want to work to just make money”.  Money is great, but the key is to work smarter and not harder.  As entrepreneurs, it’s important to be prepared to roll with the punches and not let trials get you down.  

When things don’t go your way, remember that life has a way of reminding us that we have to let go of things that we once valued, in order to make room for better things to come. We find that some of our possessions aren’t really valuable at all, but we insist on keeping them anyway.  Possessions like worry, opinions, prejudices, self-righteousness, past hurts, anger, and hostility can keep us from experiencing true happiness.  Anything that prevents me from being truly happy and free to love my family, my friends, and my life aren’t things I want in my life.

The flood waters from Hurricane Hermine may have taken my things, but it didn’t take what matters most to me. Decide today what matters most to you, and decide today what steps you need to take to make positive things happen.  What possessions do you want to keep and what can you throw away?

Below is a fun reminder in how children and adults take a different approach to their possessions…

Sister Mary Margaret was teaching her class about money.  She called on little Johnny and asked, “Johnny, if you have $5.00 and your dad gives you $3.00, how much money would you have?”  Little Johnny replied, “I would have $5.00.”  Sister Mary Margaret says, “Oh Johnny, you don’t know your arithmetic.”  Little Johnny answers, “No, Sister, you don’t know my dad.”

We teach our children by example, and little Johnny is receiving a valuable financial lesson that supersedes his traditional education.

What are you teaching by example?  What legacy do you want to leave your children?  Do you want to teach them to hold onto everything they’ve ever experienced, or do you want to teach them to recognize what is important in life and prune away the things that keep them from living each day to the fullest?

Remember that you can give without love, but you can’t love without love.

To your success,

Coach Gregory



Great advice.

Those are some great comments, Coach Greg. Truly, we need to periodically clean out both our material possessions as well as our emotional baggage. There are a lot of jokes about dating people with baggage, but business partners can come with baggage too. We are in the final stages of selling a property that did not work out. No matter how much we want it to be a great property, it never will be. Time to let it go. We are very glad that you and yours are safe.