What if you are so powerful that you can have anything you decide to be passionate about show up in your life?

What if you just stopped sitting around waiting for your intentions to show up?

What if you trusted yourself enough to know that the decisions you made were the right decisions, and that from those decisions, you have created a life worth living?

What if you stopped living in the Land of Was?

It is not a question of whether or not we will leave a legacy _ it is only a question of what type of legacy we will leave.  So, what legacy do you intend to leave and how do you plan to make that happen?  What legacy will you create for your children and their children to come?

The word create means to bring forth from nothing.  So with your blank slate, you have the possibilities to create anything you set your mind to.

If night after night, you put your head on the pillow, weighed down with the cares of life, then you are living in the Land of Was.  It’s time to wake up and realize that today is a brand new day, different from yesterday and the day before that.

Today, we have the power to change.

Today we have the opportunity to create.

Today, you can Escape from Was.


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Reminds me to stay motivated. Love it!