Congratulations to Rhonda and Randy -- who know that Assignments and Wholesale deals work because they made $18K in 2015.
They just closed yesterday - oops they didn't close
They didn't sell a property
They were simply the original buyers for the property
At the closing table yesterday the new buyer bought a property

Rhonda and Randy didn't sell the property BUT THEY DID SELL THEIR right to buy the property -- they sold the contract that stated they and only they had the right to buy the property

Therer was an original Seller  (seller wanted to get her house sold)
There was an original buyer  (that was Rhonda and Randy's corporation)
There was the new buyer    (The new buyer Mr. Smith bought Rhonda and Randy's contract to buy)

Rhonda and Randy didn't have to fix anything -- never owned the house that closed  -- didn't need credit because they didn't close the new buyer closed

AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED!!!!  Rhonda and Randy walked away from the closing table with an $18K check

Hmmmm, maybe coaching and training works -- ya think?

You know what occurred to me yesterday?   We can read how to books. How to be a better person. How to make big $ etc. But if reading a how to book was all that were needed everyone would be at the library.
Besides the "HOW TO" knowledge -- To we Be successful I needed to grow and mature emotionally. To grow past old ways of thinking.

AND I needed people in my life that helped me grow emotionally -- Mickey McQuaid, Terry Nelson, Jim Cook, Bill Riedler, Pastor Mullineaux, Pastor Green, and most of all personally for me Jesus.

Gregory's mom (Toniraye)

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Do you have what it takes? That was the BIG question Randy and I asked ourselves when we left day 1 of Coach Greg's 3 day event in August 2014. Actually, it was more like WE were asking ME. LOL Randy is phenomenal and I am so lucky to be married to my soul mate, but he is 100% numbers and I am 100% feelings. So, the question was squarely on me...DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? The answer after day 3 was a resounding YES! How could I not feel this way? After all, I had just sat through 3 of the most meaningful and inspirational days of my life. My FEELINGS were all over the place....excited, drained, motivated, scared, determined, get the picture. BUT, one thing is for sure, for the first time in my adult life, 5'4" felt like 10' tall and I was ready for anything and everything. Now, here's the kicker....I'm a "I wanted it yesterday" kind of girl. When things didn't happen in my time frame, I unfortuately, forgot to pull up my big girl panties and take personal responsibility. That changed quickly when I realized that I was allowing my FEELINGS to control my attitude. That's no good. I finally had a 'Come to Jesus meeting' with myself (and Randy, but he doesn't know that), and I was determined that I was going to make things happen. The only person responsible for Rhonda was Rhonda and if I didn't do it, then no one else was to blame. I had the knowledge, the coaching, and the best wealth building family in the world. I just needed to get out of my own way. In January 2015, Randy and I bought our first 2 mobiles, in a mobile home park, renovated and lease optioned them. We purchased another mobile shortly thereafter, in a different park, that needed absolutely no renovations. Purchase price 6k, lease optioned to a buyer from across the country, sight unseen, other than photos, for 11k, over the course of 3 years. $375.00 per month for 36 months = $13,500.00 + $1500.00 option consideration fee. Add it up...$15,000.00 for an initial $6,000.00 investment. Can you say cha ching? We have since completed another deal, just like this one, and also renovated other mobiles. A big difference is, now that our name is out in the community and park managers know us, they approach us offering to GIVE us empty mobiles to renovate. Win/Win/Win. We also recently completed our first contract assignment on a home that we signed a purchase agreement for 129K with a 14 day inspection period. In less than 3 weeks, we assigned the contract on this home for 145k. Come on, I know you want to...$145000.00 - $129000.00 = $16000.00!!!! Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching. Now we are ending this week on a high note....2 deals this week on lease option, one cash buyer, and a purchase agreement signed yesterday for another potential wholesale deal. I say all of that to say this...DON'T EVER GIVE UP. When you find yourself in your own way, pull up your unmentionables, dig your heels in and enjoy the ride! Thanks to Coach Greg and Mom for everything. You mean the world to us! ~Rhonda & Randy