Gregory Downing here -- My VIP Entrepreneurs often ask me, "What should I do first?"  "What should I do next?  "Yeah But -- Then What?"  I know you want desired results 100% of the time.

Here's the things Guys/Gals -- Who I think I am dictates my actions 100% of the time.  Therefore, if you take action and go to your advance training classes out of fear of poverty, or because you lost your job, or some other kind of desperation -- you won't likely follow through with what you learn and become successful beyond your wildest dreams.  If the inner most part of you believes I'm lazy and not worthy so I have to do something -- I guess I'll try these training classes Greg said were good.  Then if you do -- sort of ok -- it will be because I (Greg) was powerful.  If you fail then it will be because that creep Greg got me into this.  You still won't see yourself as a person of power and influence.

You are not the actions you took yesterday, you are not the circumstances or victim of events that happened yesterday, you are not who Aunt Sally says you are, you are not as smart or as dumb as your momma thinks you are -- YOU MY FRIEND ARE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY THE CONCEPT OF WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE.  With no authority, no evidence, or justification you and you alone have the power to decide YES - YES - YES THIS IS WHO I AM.  Now out of who I am certain actions will occur to me.

Once you have decided and declared (I AM POWERFUL, PASSIONATE, LOVING, AN ENTREPRENEUR, ETC.) let questions not answers dictate your actions:

  • As a passionate powerful loving person -- Who am I for the people in my life? 
  • Will the choices and actions I am about to take reflect who I say I AM?
  • If I have a destiny to fullfill that is a contribution to others what is that destiny?
  • What dreams can I pursue that will create me to be who I say I am?

Once you decide Who You Are -- reach out as if your life is an invitation and contribution to others -- and watch how the universe lines up to make all of your actions fruitfull

I am asking all of my students to watch the short video I have posted above -- then let's set in motion the change that will change your life and the world around you.





Hey This is coach Gregory and I just got this message from one of my students. I am so proud of all of you that are taking your business seriously. please add further comment with your contact info so that we might help you find a buyer. Lovely split foyer home with 3 bedrooms and an easy conversion to 4 bedrooms. 2 full bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. 1,692 sq feet. Needs a few updates-estimated cost for updates-10K. ARV is 86K; asking price is 55K.

my contact information is 314-707-9122, or After a walk through today with an experienced rehabber, the repairs are easily less than 3,000.00. He said it was move-in ready. I noticed a typo on the address: it is 2486 Clovermere Court. Thank you! Melanie

My 14 year old loves this motivational video!Its amazing how my daughter wants to be motivated. And this helps me stay positive as well!

What a powerful video! So true. It is a choice we make each morning. Who am I today? How can I be the the change I want to see in the world? How can my passion for change be fueled today? We are not defined by the job we hold, but by the qualities we emanate and inspire in others, whether it is an inspiring conversation in a grocery store line, helping someone through their fears in a plane, paying it forward on a toll booth or handing the keys to a home that someone thought they could never afford. We must be men and women of action, and not be lulled into a life of complacency. We must reach higher and grow into our higher purpose.