Which of the 7 Commitment Levels Do You Hang Out In Most of the Time?    Commitment Level I: The victim strategy = "I Lose". My thoughts might sound like, God is watching and he is judging me, I am powerless, someone gets to be the favored but not me, there's no hope for me or the world. Your favorite song is Becasue of You by Kelly Clarkson.

To teach my grand kids wealthy isn't just about $ -- it's about values that will support them through good times and tough times.
Yesterday at church with my grand daughter it just seemed right to see her nodding her head as the preacher talked about whats important as we weather any storm.

When In Doubt Focus Out. I think I've learned this lesson at least 351 1/2 times and in my lifetime I might need to learn it another 100+ times.

Listening Happens before Hearing
Hearing Happens before Understanding
Understanding Happens before knowledge
AND knowledge leads to confidence
Confidence leads to Application (Action) and Practice
Application must occur before we can reach desired results!
Application and practice happens before Wisdom

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."

Elenor Roosevelt


As Entrepreneurs we get busy -- and we get all scared about the small everyday stuff BUT when we focus on contribution worry melts away and actually creates the space for success to happen.

Today take a minute to let all other worries melt away and allow yourself the pure joy of being a contribution to others.