Sometimes I see and get all excited about a 30 yard dash rock star however, what you want to be is the Champion that crosses the finish line! So in today's lesson let's figure out how to keep on press'n on!

Some of you think you are magicians doing a magic hat trick.  However, a fact you need to be aware of is that you are not the best magician in the world, if one day you pull a rabbit out of your hat but the next day an alligator jumps out.  On the other hand, if you aren't committed to something there's no need to worry about the obstacles you might face inside your magic hat.

Congratulations to Rhonda and Randy -- who know that Assignments and Wholesale deals work because they made $18K in 2015.
They just closed yesterday - oops they didn't close
They didn't sell a property
They were simply the original buyers for the property
At the closing table yesterday the new buyer bought a property

Which of the 7 Commitment Levels Do You Hang Out In Most of the Time?    Commitment Level I: The victim strategy = "I Lose". My thoughts might sound like, God is watching and he is judging me, I am powerless, someone gets to be the favored but not me, there's no hope for me or the world. Your favorite song is Becasue of You by Kelly Clarkson.

To teach my grand kids wealthy isn't just about $ -- it's about values that will support them through good times and tough times.
Yesterday at church with my grand daughter it just seemed right to see her nodding her head as the preacher talked about whats important as we weather any storm.