This has been a week of thanksgiving for us.  Yes, I said thanksgiving. We’ve survived life’s challenges and also came through a hurricane, mostly unscathed. 

The storms of life come and go, both literally and figuratively.  They can either sneak up and catch us off guard, strike from seemingly nowhere, or maybe we see them coming, like this week’s hurricane, and no amount of preparation can prevent what might happen. 

Where do you want to be in 10 years?  

The following article urges you to evaluate your choices and consider your options.  Are you doing what it takes to get you where you want to be?  Hold yourself accountable, or better yet, get someone on your team to hold you accountable.  Let us show you how to make it work.  

As the Olympic games come to a close, I think of the hard work and dedication these athletes have invested in their sport.  All the long hours of training, conditioning, and competing, not to mention following a strict diet and curfew, calls for a kind of discipline that many people lack.  Let's be honest, if everyone could do it, the Olympics would be non-existent.  Why have a platform that showcases the best of the best if everyone was on the same level?

Life has a way of surprising us. 

We miss too many opportunities because we’re afraid of stepping outside our comfort zone, and instead of living each day to it’s fullest, we get caught up with the ‘what ifs’…  “What if I’m not smart enough?”  “What if things don’t go according to plan?”  “What if I fail?”  “What if…?”  

What are you grateful for?  Do you wake up each morning with an attitude of gratitude?  Do you greet each day with an exuberant "It's Morning Lord!" or do you roll over and moan, "Oh Lord, it's morning?"  

Listening Happens before Hearing
Hearing Happens before Understanding
Understanding Happens before knowledge
AND knowledge leads to confidence
Confidence leads to Application (Action) and Practice
Application must occur before we can reach desired results!
Application and practice happens before Wisdom