At last night's webinar Coach Gregory Downing promised to send all of you the Flow of A Real Estate Transaction Chart.

Think of how good it feels to be included…a part of something.  It can be anything…family meals, a party, a ballgame, a group of friends just hanging out, even a couple of friends, spouses, or any combination of people just doing things together.  It feels good to know we’re not alone. 

Hey Coach Gregory here -- I am humbled by how many of you are fired up and loving the new webinar support series we are doing. Many of you wanted to review last weeks event -- so here you go.
AND for those of you that missed please send me a message and I'll make certain you get invited for this week. We reward and support our students who take action...join us every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. EST.

While I have redefined my beliefs about investment debt, I have also become crystal clear about the destructive nature of consumer debt and the purchase of items that do not make me money and do not move me closer to wealth.  I understand that consumer debt is running rampant in our society.  It keeps people tied to their jobs and broke.

What are you doing with the gifts you have been given?  We are all blessed with gifts, both material and others that we don’t always recognize.  We give to charity and donate our time and talents to help those less fortunate.  We may buy something to help support a local fundraiser or sell items to help raise money for causes we hold dear.  All of these things are great and I encourage you to keep on doing them.

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Chris Rice, Go Light Your World

The people with the least amount of money tend to have the most advice when it comes to building wealth.  I will instead listen to my mentor and coaches and learn from them.  I no longer take advice from people who live in a world of earned income, with only one stream of cash flow, who believe the best way to get through life is to go to work day after day and live on a tight budget.