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What Business Oracle Warren Buffet Warns... 

Nov 11, 2016

CNN Interview by Poppy Harlow with Warren Buffet

Harlow:   In the middle of the great recession you said, “Bet on America”.

Buffet:   "Absolutely"

Last week in our Student Support Tuesday - webinar series we discussed the phone process - option A and option B strategy - and beginning neotiagtions with the seller.  This week we discussed Part II EXIT STRATEGIES. Before you buy any property you must know what your exit strategy is. Exit strategy doesn't mean how do I get out of this deal. Exit strategy is about how I intend to make $ once I buy a property.

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2016 Nov 8 Webinar Part II Exit Strategy How Do We Make $

There is an art to  building businesses - it is an act of creation to become an entrepreneur, and I am committed to the art of building wealth both safely and quickly.  These are two keys of entrepreneurship that most small business owners miss.  They have been programmed to look at risk and run the other way.  They see the risk and forget about balancing the risk with the potential reward.  

In this webinar we covered Part I of my million $ phone process

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11 02 16 Webinar Part I Telephone Process Neg Prior To Offer with Sellers

I am deeply committed to doing exactly what I say I will do, and that commitment begins with keeping my time commitments.  I will not be disrespectful to others simply because I have not managed my time.  This is a major principle of leadership that often goes unnoticed.  I am aware that the first five minutes of a meeting set the mood.  I will be puntual, knowing it is unacceptable to keep others waiting on me.