Deal Makers... WOW this is my Cha Ching... I love it when I get these and I love my students...


It has been one year since we took your three day course in NYC and enrolled in advanced training. My team uses your action plan items and ideas in our business regularly.

With the assistance of Rich Dad educations, the coaches, and trainers we have acquired a number or multi-family houses and are now working on our first garden apartment acquisition.

Through financial education and I have not only been able to achieve financial freedom but now I teach these principles to my children. Therefore I have written a unique set of agreements to assist you in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. I will post one here a week. Keep your eyes open for each agreement.

To all of my Hawaii students.
It's an honor to have the opportunity to teach you in the same place where I received my financial education. I have done extensive research on your market and have some very exciting news for you.
Your market is in a correction and the hold on foreclosures will be lifted on July the first. There is so much opportunity out there right now. This is the beginning of a very long relationship for many of us in the room.

Book Release: Entrepreneur Unleashed by Gregory Downing