Marketing is about finding the people who have a need for my product or service, and I will become a master at finding them.  I understand that a business may have tremendous opportunity in terms of its product offering, but if it doesn't get the word out, no money will be made.  Getting the word out begins with database development.

Learning to ride a bike and mastering that same skill are two entirely different concepts - and the difference is the ability to do the task on autopilot.  When I have repeatedly accomplished a task so many times that it becomes automatic, it frees my mind up to plan the next step in my wealth-building process.  Before I have mastered a skill, it takes all my concentration to do it well.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

The millennial generation is creative and wants to learn and succeed. Parents are paying for the education of their children at the same time they are also adult learners paying to get themselves retrained in this brave new information age. The fact is this is where we are everyone is surely asking, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?  As a mother and grandmother I say, "Student Support Is The Greatest Problem For Both Millennial and Adult Learners.

The average American wakes up each morning and goes to work living by someone else's rules for the entire lives, they have been programmed that this is what is right and normal.  As a leader and as an entrepreneur, I undersand and embrace the knowledge that I have the ability to make the rules I live my life by.

You may think it's crazy that your Real Estate Coach is telling you that Real Estate is a bad investment but it's true

We Support Students In Learning How To Invest In Today’s Market

The people with the least amount of money tend to have the most advice when it comes to building wealth.  I will instead listen to my mentor and coaches and learn from them.  I no longer take advice from people who live in a world of earned income, with only one stream of cash flow, who believe the best way to get through life is to go to work day after day and live on a tight budget.