I have always loved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I Have a Dream” speech.  The words just stir something within me, as I’m sure they do many of you.  I realize that the words of Dr.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends, I have taken time to think about the things for which I am thankful. 

Many of you know me personally and you know how important family is to me.  We are beyond blessed in this life, and one of the things that brings us joy is the knowledge that we help others realize their dreams.

Think of how good it feels to be included…a part of something.  It can be anything…family meals, a party, a ballgame, a group of friends just hanging out, even a couple of friends, spouses, or any combination of people just doing things together.  It feels good to know we’re not alone. 

What are you doing with the gifts you have been given?  We are all blessed with gifts, both material and others that we don’t always recognize.  We give to charity and donate our time and talents to help those less fortunate.  We may buy something to help support a local fundraiser or sell items to help raise money for causes we hold dear.  All of these things are great and I encourage you to keep on doing them.

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Chris Rice, Go Light Your World

As a major hurricane approaches Florida, we are being reminded to “take it serious” and “be prepared”.  Certainly good advice and certainly advice we are taking, especially after the last storm gave us a direct hit.