Thinking about building wealth is something people spend their whole lives doing.  Yet if I am only thinking about building wealth, I will have nothing but the same old reality.  While thoughtfulness and dreaming are important, only action produces results.  Eash day that passes without action is another day of the status quo.  Next week turns into next month, next month turns into next year, and next year turns into never.  Life requires action - and action is the catalyst for change.  I am totally committed to teaching my loved ones how to create financial abundance - but that means I must take action and do it myself first.  They may never see how they should or could behave to create a different reality unless I have modeled it for them.

Every morning I will wake up and ask myself, "What action am I going to take today to move toward my dream of financial independence and self-reliance?"  And from that starting point, I will make decisions and act upon those decisions to move one step closer to my dreams.  To do otherwise is to look back a month, a year, or even a lifetime later and realize that while I had good intentions, I did not create the results I intended to create.


The Universal Laws Unleashed by Gregory Downing