The key word for me in this agreement is "remain".  It's easy to get excited about something and say we are passionate; it's even easy to be passionate for a period of time.  However, to remain passionate we must have the clarity and deep commitment that few people ever achieve.  The vision I see for my life comes from a passion that is bigger than me; it comes from commitment that is about more than money.

When I become very clear about my vision and my passion, the mecahnism to achieve the vision I have for my life becomes very clear as well.  My vision for my life and for my family is the driving force behind my burning desire, and that vision keeps me going during times of tribulation, distraction, and crisis.  When I encounter obstacles, I can always return to my vision for my family and for others - and that reignites my passionate fire that is bigger than any circumstance or obstacle I encounter.

As I reach toward my goal, my vision is greater than simply building wealth and achieving financial freedom: my vision is about others as well as myself.  It is about creating a legacy of financial independence that remains long after I have left this world, continuing to produce wealth for my loved ones as well as passing that knowledge on to their children.

I am passionate about my life and my vision for the mark I will leave upon this world.  Nothing will stop me, nothing will hold me back, and nothing will discourage me.  My reason "why" is greater than any obstacle I might face.  My vision is attainable, and by keeping my eye on the goal and moving toward my dreams, I will be modeling courage, commitment, and passion for others - inspiring them to do the same.


The Universal Laws Unleashed by Gregory Downing