Every entrepreneur hits roadblocks and obstacles along the pathway to financial freedom.  Growth means change, and the process of change includes new tasks that might seem overwhelming.  Knowing this, I must live by the law, "If I can't, I must!  If I can, I will!  Failure is not an option!"  Because if I don't, I will give up when challenges come my way; I will be stopped by my old programming and belief systems about what is possible.  Getting out of my comfort zone creates the fear of making changes, fear of risk, and my old programming pops up telling me to hold on to what I've worked so hard to achieve.

From today forward, I will remove the phrase, "I can't", and reprogram my brain to tell myself "I must".  This doesn't mean that I will succeed at everything I do in life, but it does mean I have attempted to succeed and I have made progress toward my goals.  I will be on the alert for times when I think, "I can't do it", because I now realize that every single time I overcome an obstacle that seems insurmountable, I change as a person and grow as a leader.  The phrase "I must" will become a gigantic clue that I am ready for my next breakthrough!


The Universal Laws Unleashed by Gregory Downing