Marketing is about finding the people who have a need for my product or service, and I will become a master at finding them.  I understand that a business may have tremendous opportunity in terms of its product offering, but if it doesn't get the word out, no money will be made.  Getting the word out begins with database development.

I will do whatever it takes to formulate and execute a plan that draws prospective clients into my database.  That often begins with telling everyone I know about my business and asking them to tell everyone they know.  Before long, word-of-mouth advertising has people asking me about my business.  My marketing plan will specifically be designed to grow my database.  I will have a power team in place to direct potential buyers in the next step towards a purchase.

My database will grow, and I will use that database on a consistent basis to provide information, keep people informed of new offerings and services, and invite them to buy.  My database is a top priority, and if I build it right, the people will come!


The Universal Laws Unleashed by Gregory Downing