The average American wakes up each morning and goes to work living by someone else's rules for the entire lives, they have been programmed that this is what is right and normal.  As a leader and as an entrepreneur, I undersand and embrace the knowledge that I have the ability to make the rules I live my life by.

Life is not luck; it is what I decide to create.  I have choices about how I decide to live and how I create wealth.  I write the rules of my life.  It doesn't matter what it takes for me to succeed, because my circumstances don't drive my passion or my actions.  My dream of leaving a legacy behind and my commitment to future generations drives my choices.  My choice and my declaration is to live my life with the knowledge and acceptance of the fact that I am the creator of my future. 

As the creator of my future and my destiny, I commit to mastering The Laws of Being an Entrepreneur.  I know that as I put them into practice on a daily basis, I will have the tools to create a legacy and fulfill my burining desire of financial freedom and abundance.


The Universal Laws Unleashed by Gregory Downing