What's Wrong With This Picture?

The millennial generation is creative and wants to learn and succeed. Parents are paying for the education of their children at the same time they are also adult learners paying to get themselves retrained in this brave new information age. The fact is this is where we are everyone is surely asking, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?  As a mother and grandmother I say, "Student Support Is The Greatest Problem For Both Millennial and Adult Learners.

You may think it's crazy that your Real Estate Coach is telling you that Real Estate is a bad investment but it's true

We Support Students In Learning How To Invest In Today’s Market

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Warren Buffett On Why He Doesn't Invest in Gold "It Doesn't Produce Anything"

entrepreneurs contribute to others

What Business Oracle Warren Buffet Warns... 

Nov 11, 2016

CNN Interview by Poppy Harlow with Warren Buffet

Harlow:   In the middle of the great recession you said, “Bet on America”.

Buffet:   "Absolutely"

Last week in our Student Support Tuesday - webinar series we discussed the phone process - option A and option B strategy - and beginning neotiagtions with the seller.  This week we discussed Part II EXIT STRATEGIES. Before you buy any property you must know what your exit strategy is. Exit strategy doesn't mean how do I get out of this deal. Exit strategy is about how I intend to make $ once I buy a property.

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2016 Nov 8 Webinar Part II Exit Strategy How Do We Make $

In this webinar we covered Part I of my million $ phone process

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11 02 16 Webinar Part I Telephone Process Neg Prior To Offer with Sellers