Fear and Excitement are the same physical response in our body (an adrenalin rush happens). If I think a bear is chasing me in the woods of course I'll feel fear -- however, because modern life can be hectic and intense I'd better stop - take a big breath - rethink the situation - and ask myself, "am I'm I sure this is a bear chasing me to kill me?" BECAUSE JUST MAYBE -- I'm in a new learning curve and this isn't a bear --- It is God providing me with a new way to have an adventure and serve others. Some of us think we are afraid when actually, we are excited!  We are interpretation machines to our core. Thinking a bear is after me is a much different interpretation than knowing that God is leading me to financial safety. Therefore, we must learn to Interpret Correctly. You might be asking, "how do I know if my interpretations are good?" My answer is that you know you are on the right path to green pastures based on your results.

Right now ask yourself:  Do my interpretations create the results I say I want for my life? Does my way of thinking and interpreting produce actions that will lead me to have my life's burning desires?  If YES Great you are an interpretation genius.  If NO re-interpret to a more powerful way of thinking. We are all at choice in how we interpret our thoughts -- which then produces the actions I'm willing to take.  Whether a bear or God -- it's my decision which of these things I think and believe about my life and my future prospects. See ya all at next Tuesday evening's Webinar.  

Love and hugs,

P.S. In discussing fear and excitement above -- if you don't like the bear or God analogy this popped into my mind.  Before you kiss the guy it's always fear. While you are kissing the guy it is excitement!

My Thoughts Create My Attitude
My Attitude Creates My choices
and My Chocies Turn Into Actions

If I don't have peace, $, joy, love, _______________ fill in the blank of what you want here AND remember -- you can't just change your actions you have to change how you think to consistently take new actions and new ground -- which will then and only then permantely get you to more powerful results.