Congratulations to Rhonda and Randy -- who know that Assignments and Wholesale deals work because they made $18K in 2015.
They just closed yesterday - oops they didn't close
They didn't sell a property
They were simply the original buyers for the property
At the closing table yesterday the new buyer bought a property

After attending Coach's 3 day training, Clay purchased a (New Jersey land lease) 1958 Zimmer mobile home for $3500. After TLC restoration, it is now listed for $39000. The park owners are thrilled with the unit's transformation, want him to continue with subsequent properties & offered to wave the park's customary 10% listing fee! Can you say, Cha-Ching?!? 

Hey -- This is Gregory Downing and I am so proud of the first deal that VIP MIke did below.  Thanks MIKE for sharing with all of the Gregory Downing VIP Team.
We put our first property under contract last week. While we broke a bunch of rules of thumb in doing it a the same time I don't think anyone is going to get everything perfect the first time and it's better just to jump in the water. 

WOW we have been in the top 100 in books all week. My publicity is really starting to pay off.

I have several radio interviews all next week.

Maybe we can make it back into the top ten.

Greg, Here is a re-cap. We went to your 3 day event in March 2010.

We invested the next four months with the Tigrent education process taking Wholesale and Foreclosure classes both live events and On Demand. During this time, we built our Power Team.