I did it. My bad. I can't hide my head and pretend it didn't happen. I'm just glad Gmail saved me from further disaster. 

Ok, most people probably do this unless they have been warned ahead of time or learned from previous experience. Do not send an email to every person on your contact list telling them of the great opportunity you have for them to get rich now. Your excited, you see the potential, shouldn't everyone else? No, not really.

There are many great opportunities to gain financial freedom through MLM's, Multi-Level Marketing companies. Most of them have as a requirement for you to become eligible to receive commissions to recruit other members to join as well.

Don't try to take a shortcut.

Hey -- This is Gregory Downing and I am so proud of the first deal that VIP MIke did below.  Thanks MIKE for sharing with all of the Gregory Downing VIP Team.
We put our first property under contract last week. While we broke a bunch of rules of thumb in doing it a the same time I don't think anyone is going to get everything perfect the first time and it's better just to jump in the water.