I am not building small businesses that are operated and run exclusively by me.  I am instead in the business of entrepreneurship, and I am always creating new streams of income - that is my primary responsibility.  Knowing and understanding the importance of this, every business I create will have duplicable systems and processes that allow me to open the business, see to its functional operations, and hand off tasks and duties to others.

The key word for me in this agreement is "remain".  It's easy to get excited about something and say we are passionate; it's even easy to be passionate for a period of time.  However, to remain passionate we must have the clarity and deep commitment that few people ever achieve.  The vision I see for my life comes from a passion that is bigger than me; it comes from commitment that is about more than money.

My life's burning desire is my reason why - the reason I am choosing to become an entrepreneur.  A big part of my desire revolves around my commitment to build wealth that can stand the test of time.  Then, I can pass that knowledge on to my family members and loved ones.

Thinking about building wealth is something people spend their whole lives doing.  Yet if I am only thinking about building wealth, I will have nothing but the same old reality.  While thoughtfulness and dreaming are important, only action produces results.  Eash day that passes without action is another day of the status quo.  Next week turns into next month, next month turns into next year, and next year turns into never.

Marketing is about finding the people who have a need for my product or service, and I will become a master at finding them.  I understand that a business may have tremendous opportunity in terms of its product offering, but if it doesn't get the word out, no money will be made.  Getting the word out begins with database development.

Learning to ride a bike and mastering that same skill are two entirely different concepts - and the difference is the ability to do the task on autopilot.  When I have repeatedly accomplished a task so many times that it becomes automatic, it frees my mind up to plan the next step in my wealth-building process.  Before I have mastered a skill, it takes all my concentration to do it well.